Swan Drive In Theatre is located at 651 Summit Street, Blue Ridge, Georgia. 

You can call for movie information, 706-632-5235 or 706-632-6690.

We are located just inside the city limits of Blue Ridge.

Distance from
Blue Ridge, Georgia 
To ...

North Carolina ...
     Blue Ridge Parkway

136 miles
100 miles
  90 miles
  25 miles

Tennessee ...
     Pigeon Forge

  14 miles
  70 miles
  54 miles
  10 miles
125 miles
135 miles

Georgia ...
     Amicalola Falls             Atlanta 
     Brasstown Bald
     Blue Ridge Lake   

  35  miles
  90  miles
  41  miles
  25  miles
    3  miles
  68  miles
  45  miles
60  miles
  16  miles
  53  miles
  45  mile


                                                                   We are looking forward to seeing you at the Swan Drive In. We are open year round with first run movies. We do welcome groups and car clubs. For more information you can e-mail us at swan-drive-in@vallnet.com.